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WIKA is a global market leader in pressure, temperature, level and flow measurement technology. Working together with their customers, they develop comprehensive solutions based on high-quality measurement technology components, with the solutions ultimately being integrated into their business processes.

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Wika All-Welded System

WIKA’s All Welded System (AWS) is a process industry diaphragm gauge for use in corrosive, contaminated or viscous media. The AWS is “tamper proof” as the upper and lower diaphragm housing is welded together, the system port is back welded and gauge socket is welded to the upper housing of the diaphragm seal.

Wika Liquid Filled Gauges

Liquid-filled pressure gauges offer a number of advantages over traditional, dry case pressure gauges:

Liquid-filled gauges have longer lives than traditional (non-hermetically-sealed) gauges because of their viscous fluid filling. Over time, this design advantage results in costs savings due to lowered instrumentation costs as well as lessened unscheduled downtime.
Internal liquids protect against severe temperature fluctuations and vibrations—major factors in the breakdown of regular gauges. Because they dampen temperature spikes and vibrations, WIKA’s liquid-filled gauges are easier to read, allowing for greater accuracy and process control.
In traditional gauges, condensation build-up results in visibility issues. This can be a crucial (and costly) flaw in high-humidity environments—an unreadable gauge is a worthless gauge. A solution to the impact of high humidity situations, WIKA’s liquid-filled gauges are designed to prevent moisture from entering not only the body casing but also the inside of the case lens.
Because they are sealed and constructed to meet rugged specifications, liquid-filled gauges are commonly used in highly corrosive chemical processes or in manufacturing or refining processes, and where products must be transported, stored, or handled in extreme temperature conditions.

Wika Liquid Filled Stainless Steel Gauges

Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge – Stainless Steel Construction

Wika Standard Gauges


Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Pumps, compressors, water systems, regulators
Suitable for fluid medium which does not clog connection port or corrode copper alloy

Special Features:

Copper alloy wetted parts
ABS plastic or painted steel case
Lower mount (LM) process connection

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