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Kennedy Rotating Disk Gate Valves

The Kennedy Valve line of Rotating Disc gate valves has been utilized successfully since 1908 in water/ wastewater treatment plants and water lines all over the United States. If you are looking for an extended life valve, this valve should be your choice for generations of service.

Kennedy Valve Rotating Disc gate valves clean themselves with every operation. Deposits are removed in travel, so nothing builds up on the seating surfaces that could cause leakage. Discs are free of pockets that could collect solids. The rotating action of the discs creates a different seating position each time the valve is closed. Uneven or excessive wear is prevented, so the sealing components remain smooth and operational years longer without maintenance or replacement. Since the discs rotate, they cannot foul on the body guides.

The superior Kennedy Valve design provides independent wedging and seating action for smoother valve opening and closing with less operating force. Discs are fully interchangeable and reversible, ensuring simple and inexpensive maintenance.

These advantages, along with uncompromising quality control, ensure that Kennedy Valve rotating disc gate valves will be ideal for water and wastewater applications. Kenndy Valve’s unique design features make these valves fully capable of taking on services no other metal-seated gate valve can handle.  Rotating Disk Gate Valve Brochure

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