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Offering a diverse portfolio with an emphasis on providing a lower true cost of ownership that extends well beyond the initial purchase price.  Valves and Controls to include manual, on-off, modulating control, automated (including pneumatic, electric & hydraulic), quarter turn & multi-turn, local & remote control with indication.

All environments including: Submersible, Explosion Proof, Dust and Extreme Heat & Cold

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Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors monitor system pressure in hydraulic, pneumatic and process applications. Compact housings feature integrated displays with pushbutton setup.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors monitor the process temperature of liquids and gases. Temperature sensors feature integrated displays and modular mounting for application flexibility.

Level Sensors

Point level and continuous level sensors detect the level of liquids, powders and plastics directly in the medium or mounted to a sight glass.

Flow Sensors

Flow sensors detect the flow rate of liquids and gases; flow meters simultaneously monitor flow rate, fluid temperature and volume

Red Valve Pressure Sensors

Red Valve’s Pressure Sensors are the industry standard for protecting instrumentation and assuring accurate, dependable pressure measurement of slurry and corrosive fluids. The line pressure is sensed 360° through the flexible rubber sleeve. The captive fluid is displaced through the pressure sensor body to the instrument’s Bourdon tube. All instruments are isolated and protected from the process, assuring positive and accurate readings. All Red Valve Pressure Sensors and gauges are tested and calibrated through the mid-range to assure the highest level of accuracy. Pressure gauges, transmitters, transducers, recorders, differential pressure and vacuum switches can be factory-installed on any sensor model.

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