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All environments including: Submersible, Explosion Proof, Dust and Extreme Heat & Cold

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Kennedy Resilient Wedge Gate Valve C509 2″ – 12″

During the decade of the 1980’s, the waterworks industry was introduced to the Resilient Seated Gate Valve, a design principle that is dominant in preference for use in distribution systems. Kennedy Valve Company was at the forefront in this industry — wide movement by introducing the Ken Seal Series, AWWA C509 Resilient Seated Gate Valve.  Resilient Wedge Gate Valve Brochure

Kennedy Resilient Wedge Gate Valve C515 14″ – 54″ Geared

In America today, systems are increasing their demand for larger-sized water lines. With these growing demands, Kennedy Valve Company has made the commitment to meet, and surpass, previous large resilient seated gate valve requirements. Resilient Wedge Gate Valve Brochure

Kennedy Resilient Wedge Gate Valve C515 2″ – 16″

The Kennedy Model KS-RW Resilient Seated Gate Valve embodies all the latest valve technology for simplicity, durability, and superior performance. With no compromise in materials or workmanship, Kennedy model KS-RW valves carry a 10 year limited warranty.  Resilient Wedge Gate Valve Brochure

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