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Offering a diverse portfolio with an emphasis on providing a lower true cost of ownership that extends well beyond the initial purchase price.  Valves and Controls to include manual, on-off, modulating control, automated (including pneumatic, electric & hydraulic), quarter turn & multi-turn, local & remote control with indication.

All environments including: Submersible, Explosion Proof, Dust and Extreme Heat & Cold

Pentair Clarkson Knife Gate Valve

Clarkson slurry isolation and control valves have been a leader in the industry and a proven performer in elastomeric sleeve technology. Clarkson valves come standard with bidirectional shut-off, assuring positive isolation in many critical applications including: line blanking, man safe-entry and double block and bleed installations. Clarkson has been at the top of most professional customers’ preferred list of specified slurry products for demanding applications in the mining, power, and general process and water industries.

Pentair L&M Valve Knife Gate Valve

L&M valve designs are a unique high performance polymer lined valve for demanding applications in the mining, power, water and general process industries. The products offer proven performance in isolation applications, providing a positive packaging gland seal in pressures ranging from 0 PSI to 1,000 PSI and sizes from 2” through 60” in diameter and are field-repairable.

Pentair Rovalve Knife Gate Valve

Gate valves with slide through, O-port gate design for severe service applications, solid cast stainless steel knife gate valve provides value and performance with many standard features not found in other, commodity, knife gate valves.

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