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Red Valve Series TF-1 Check Valve



The TF-1 has become the preferred Tideflex Check Valve configuration for outfalls. Designed for in-structure and end-of-pipe installations, the TF-1 features a flat bottom and flared top. This allows the valve to be installed at a lower overall elevation than other configurations, with less bottom clearance required. This is especially important in low-lying areas where maintaining as much driving head is critical, or where silt, sand and debris might tend to collect beneath the valve.

The TF-1 is ideal for manhole applications, such as junction boxes, diversion chambers and interceptors, where the invert of the pipe is close to the floor of the vault. These vaults are designed to maximize the available gravity head, thus the invert pipe is as close to the floor as possible. The TF-1 allows installation in such structures and is easily retrofitted to existing structures, often replacing failed flapgates. There is no need to break up the concrete floor to provide bottom clearance.

The TF-1 installs by slipping over the end of an exposed piece of pipe, and is fastened with compression clamps. The inside diameter of the TF-1’s cuff is fabricated to exactly match the outside diameter of the pipe

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The elastomer duckbill Tideflex Check Valve was specifically designed to eliminate operation and maintenance problems associated with flapgate valves – including corrosion, freezing open or shut, warping and clogging. The EPA has tested the Tideflex Check Valve for two years and found that it showed significant improvement over flapgate valves in terms of leakage inflow, debris entrapment, self-cleaning and marine fouling. Today, hundreds of thousands of Tideflex Check Valves are installed and performing reliably worldwide. Tideflex Check Valves have become the world standard for maintenance-free backflow prevention.

Red Valve Tideflex Technologies offers a full line of check valves for backflow prevention and custom-engineered systems for water mixing, aeration and effluent diffusers. Decades of proven field operation, research and development, and continuous engineering enhancements have all combined to make our check valves the most reliable in the industry today.

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