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Red Valve Series 39 Slurry Check Valve



The Series 39 Slurry Check Valve is designed to handle abrasive slurries, sewage, sludge and other difficult services.   At the heart of the Series 39 Check Valve is a fabric-reinforced elastomer check sleeve that provides thru-flow at minimum pressure drop across the valve at all times. Forward pressure opens the valve automatically, reverse pressure seals the valve. The check sleeve even seals around entrapped solids.

This inner rubber duckbill check valve minimizes wear and deterioration caused by continuous operation of abrasive slurries. And there are no mechanical parts such as hinges, disks or metal seats that can freeze, corrode or bind valve operation.  The Series 39 Inline Check Valve, provided with a clean-out port and two flush ports, has a cast iron body, which is available epoxy-coated or rubber-lined. The valve has thru-drilled flange holes, face-to-face dimensions meet ANSI B16.10 specs. When ordering, line pressure and back pressure must be provided as each valve is custom-built to match the flow requirements of the installation. For higher backpressure ratings or to lower headloss while maintaining backpressure ratings, the SST can be used in conjunction with the Series 39.

For smaller diameter applications, consider our threaded Series 2633 in sizes 1/2″-3″. For larger applications, consider the Series 39F Large Diameter Inline Check Valve in sizes to 84″.

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The elastomer duckbill Tideflex Check Valve was specifically designed to eliminate operation and maintenance problems associated with flapgate valves – including corrosion, freezing open or shut, warping and clogging. The EPA has tested the Tideflex Check Valve for two years and found that it showed significant improvement over flapgate valves in terms of leakage inflow, debris entrapment, self-cleaning and marine fouling. Today, hundreds of thousands of Tideflex Check Valves are installed and performing reliably worldwide. Tideflex Check Valves have become the world standard for maintenance-free backflow prevention.

Red Valve Tideflex Technologies offers a full line of check valves for backflow prevention and custom-engineered systems for water mixing, aeration and effluent diffusers. Decades of proven field operation, research and development, and continuous engineering enhancements have all combined to make our check valves the most reliable in the industry today.

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