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APV SPX SVS Series Sanitary Butterfly Valves


The APV DELTA butterfly valves from SPX are stop valves, which can be actuated either manually or pneumatically. The valves are very robust and reliable and the space saving design makes them ideal for nearly all applications – a flexible valve which is very easy to install and to service.

  • Product passages are smooth and the special seals ensure a thorough cleaning
  • Unique metallic stop prevents the valve flanges from being tightened too much and protects the valve seal from mechanical over stress thus improving seal life
  • One actuator covers all diameters from 1” (25mm) – 4” (100mm)
  • Sliding bearings on the pivots of the discs increase operating reliability
  • Visual indication of open/closed position
  • SVS1F intermediate flange design allows simple removal and easy access of valves that are in lengthy or fixed pipelin

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