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Offering a diverse portfolio with an emphasis on providing a lower true cost of ownership that extends well beyond the initial purchase price.  Valves and Controls to include manual, on-off, modulating control, automated (including pneumatic, electric & hydraulic), quarter turn & multi-turn, local & remote control with indication.

All environments including: Submersible, Explosion Proof, Dust and Extreme Heat & Cold

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APV SPX SVS Series Sanitary Butterfly Valves

The APV DELTA butterfly valves from SPX are stop valves, which can be actuated either manually or pneumatically. The valves are very robust and reliable and the space saving design makes them ideal for nearly all applications - a flexible valve which is very easy to install and to service. Product passages are smooth and the special seals ensure a thorough cleaning Unique metallic stop prevents the valve flanges from...

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell SPX Series 200 Sanitary Butterfly Valves

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell 200 Series butterfly valves are available for a wide range of sanitary or hygienic applications, are easy to install, clos under pressure for a leak-tight seal, and offer the following features: All stainless construction: forged, precision-machined body and electropolished disc Sanitary finish FDA-approved materials: EPDM, FKM, Silicone Complete line of manual and air actuators with control top options Symmetric, metal-to-metal body interface will not overcompress body gasket. Visual...

Waukeshe Cherry-Burrell SPX Sanitary Ball Valves

The full ported, straight-through design of ball valves frees the flow path from obstructions. As a result, pressure drops across the valves are reduced, and there is no change in elevation for piping through the valve. This allows efficient and safe production or cleaning processes in the food, beverage, dairy, industrial, and chemical industries. All stainless construction: forged body and ball Full port opening for unrestricted flow in the open...

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