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PCS Announces Addition of EasyTork Pneumatic Actuators

Process Control Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of EasyTork Pneumatic Actuators to our family of flow control product solutions.  EasyTork’s patented pneumatic valve actuator dramitcally improves on the reliability of vane actuators and its simplifying single-acting design allows it to be smaller, lighter, and more competitive than single-acting rack & pinion actuators on every measurable scale. It accomplishes this without the use of springs or external reservoirs and in most cases direct mounts to most ball and butterfly valves, without the use of brackets or couplings.

As Quoted in Valve World Magazine, “The introduction of the pneumatic fail-safe actuator without the use of springs, external reservoirs, has significantly changed the pneumatic fail-safe industry. This technology is in line with the global trend towards advancement in durability, safety, efficiency and cost of pneumatic actuators.”

For more information please visit the EasyTork page on our website: EasyTork

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